Saturday, April 16, 2011

MASS EFFECT: Evolution - 3D Art - PART 1

Making Sci-Fi Comics are getting harder than ever, specially when a high license like Mass Effect is the one to translate into the Comic book pages.

I have always been a fan of Sci-Fi Movies, books or Comic Books.
And if you want to make the story anf the action believeable,
one of the most important step of the art development in Sci-Fi
is always to create the context were the charactes
will be moving around, and having their adventures.

Is it the Future? Is it an Alien Planet? Is it Hostile place or a Friendly place?
How is the look and style of the machines, architechture, vehicles, and props?
How is the anatomy of the aliens using that technology? does they have four legs, two legs,
how many arms? How many Fingers? Are they advanced?
Very advanced? are they precarious?
These are some of the questions that will lead you to understand were the story
is happening, and how to build that complex playgorund.

Mass Effect will always be a challenge because is an universe in expansion, most of
the locations, and vehicles are not yet designed for the games.
Every new script has new requirements for the new story, locations that we know they there,
but we just don´t know how they look yet... like the interior of the MAKO, for example...
The planet were the TURIANS Live, a Warehouse in NOS ASTRA city, smaller or bigger weapons for special moments, special armors, and many more...

I've always believe that if one day I should have to face the challenge to make Sci-Fi comics, I should put my harder effort in developing the technology, Locations, Props and Vehicles.
Usind the advantage of 3D modeling, I achieve the opportunity not only to have a datailed and well designed models, but I had also the chance to use them at my wish, placing the camera in any angle, and always maintaining the sense of the location were all the action is happening.

Here I share some of the 3D stuff used for Mass Effect: Evolution!
I hop you like it!

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