Thursday, February 26, 2009

STAR WARS - LEGACY 33 - More Designs!

Hola! Acá les dejo más diseños y modelos 3D que hice para este arco de 2 nros. Espero que les guste!


Hello! here are more designs and 3D Models i've done for this arc. I hope you enjoy these!


Vul Isen

This is the previous design for the leviathan, that was before i knew there was a "leviathan" in the Star Wars History, which i used as a base to develope a more accurate design...

This is not exactly the Final design, but it s a more like it SW Leviathan then the first one....

This is the definitive Water Leviathan design, i did this 3D model based on the picture above, i add and take out a couple things, but this is what i wanted! Also, This 3D model can be posed very well! He has some skeleton to articulate his Head, Mouth , Fins, Tail, & Torso. I didn't work too much on the textures, because this was going to be use for only one illustration, where i wanted to add the texture, but painting over layaers, thinking more on the composition, and not too much in a realistic living creature...

Water Leviathan, Color Tests!

AT AT Swimmer, a simple design, but very poseable as well!